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Inclusion and Diversity

at NCC Group

At NCC Group we want to create an environment where all colleagues feel psychologically, emotionally and physically safe to be authentic, representative of the diversity of the world they live in, to share their personal experiences and have equal opportunity to achieve. 

We want to drive the focus globally but empower local actionensuring that we reflect and embrace our differences. 

Our Inclusion and Diversity plan builds on our People strategy, which is an important part of our Securing Growth Together transformation. It includes thoughts and ideas from colleagues around the Group who generously gave their time to help ensure that this plan will drive us forward and create a great place to work – for all.

As part of this, we have launched NCC Conversations, a framework that helps us to drive dialogue on a number of important topics our colleagues care about.

Our steering committees have identified three key sub categories for each of our four focus areas; Gender, LGBTQIA+, Race & Ethnicity and Neurodiversity. 

Each month over a year long period, we’ll be taking a deeper look into these, inviting colleagues globally to participate in a whole host of activities from workshops to blogs, policy changes and much more.