Gender Pay Gap

Building a fair, inclusive workplace takes sustained commitment and action. We see the requirement to publish gender pay gap figures as a positive indicator of our progress towards a fully inclusive workplace. 

With this in mind, we have started to track gender pay across the global business, and for the first time this year, colleagues will see a comparator metric for our business in North America and the Netherlands. The additional reporting we will share is a positive move towards transparency around a key issue within our business and our industry.  

Since we started publishing our gender pay gap, we have seen steady progress in all but one area (NCC Security Services). That progress has been much slower than we would have liked.  

Pay gaps exist not because we are not paying equally but because genders are not represented equally at different levels in the company. NCC Group still has too few women at senior levels of the organisation and while female representation has significantly improved in the last year, and we see women moving from lower pay quartiles to upper pay quartiles, we know there’s still much more to do.  

Improving gender representation really matters to us. Overcoming the barriers to inclusion to achieve a gender-balanced workplace will take time and sustained effort, underpinned by a plan to drive change.  We remain committed to progress on inclusion for the longer term, both for our current colleagues and for future talent coming into our industry. 

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