Building an inclusive culture

An inclusive culture enhances team creativity and innovation, directly enhancing the value we offer to our clients by offering a broader range of perspectives, tailored solutions and stronger partnerships. 

What an inclusive culture means to NCC Group 

We aim to create an environment where all colleagues feel psychologically, emotionally and physically safe to be authentic, representative of the diversity of the world they live in, to share their personal experiences and to have equal opportunity to achieve.

This brings to life our values – working together, being brilliantly creative, embracing difference and taking responsibility – all of which are essential elements in driving forward our technological advancements and maintaining a competitive edge in the market. 

Our approach to inclusion and diversity 

We recognise and take responsibility for the role we can play in improving diversity across the whole of the technology sector. We have embedded inclusion and diversity into our hiring and talent management process, partnering with external organisations to ensure we are accessible to a more diverse candidate base.

Unconscious bias training is part of our standard training offer, and our colleague resource groups play an important role in providing input to ways of working, engaging and educating colleagues, and creating a voice for underrepresented communities across our global business. 

Our resource groups:

Our progress 

Over the past few years, we have made steady progress in building a more inclusive workplace.

However, there is more to be done, and this year, having worked closely with our colleague resource groups, we have actively encouraged colleagues to share additional diversity information securely in our HR management system – Workday. Where this data is provided, it will support us to develop targeted initiatives to build a more inclusive workforce. 

Our future and ambition

To further underscore our support and bring to life our value of embracing difference, we intend to continue making progress.

This year we started collecting colleague data so we can create a baseline measure, benchmark ourselves against leading organisations and measure progress in a meaningful way. The data will focus our efforts to ensure sustained positive impact. 

We will continue to seek partnerships and alliances with external partners to strengthen our diversity initiatives beyond the NCC Group community. Established partnerships include UK-based Uptree, a networking platform targeting young people before they leave school; JINC in the Netherlands, which strives for a society where a young person’s background doesn’t determine their future; Capslock, a UK-based training organisation providing accessible funding for people who want a cyber career.

In the past year, we have also partnered with Women In Cyber Security; they're a global organisation supporting the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in cyber security. 

There are many more and we actively encourage colleagues to get involved, from giving talks to organising workshops or taking part in local mentoring schemes. Through all these actions we are positively contributing towards increasing diversity within the technology sector. 

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