Giving back

Our global Giving Back programme is designed to enable colleagues to choose how they play their part in ensuring their local communities benefit from our presence. It also allows colleagues the opportunity to share their skills and expertise to support broader societal initiatives to make the world safer and more secure for all. 

Giving back day

We offer colleagues one day’s paid leave per annum to donate time to a charity or an approved community organisation of their choice. Colleagues can do this individually or as a team exercise.


Matched giving

Our matched giving enables colleagues to request matching funding up to £500 or local equivalent once per financial year to approved non-profit organisations, increasing the impact of colleague time, donations, and participation in fundraising initiatives.


Giving back colleague resource group

Our colleague resource group brings together a global network of local representatives to share ideas and resources to become more active in their local communities.


Sponsorship initiatives

In addition to colleague led initiatives, we are involved in several sponsorship programmes enabling us to give something back and secure a better future for all from local sports team’s kit, to investing in future cyber skills development programmes.

Where possible, we encourage colleagues to actively participate in these initiatives adding to the time we invest in supporting good causes.


Giving back through our research expertise

We have a dedicated research working group, which offers paid research time and other resources to research projects conducted in the public interest, to support security and privacy research for the greater good of society which might not otherwise have resources available to support it.

This year, our researchers focused on a deep and broad analysis of the security and privacy implications of different vaccine passport apps around the world, the important topic of racial injustice in algorithmic decision-making, and mobile privacy from the perspectives of both users seeking to understand private data leakage from their favourite apps, as well as the true privacy impact of mobile-device-management (MDM) apps that employees are often asked to use in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenario.

Read more about our Public Interest Technology research in our 2021 Research Report.

Sutainability Strategy Report

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