Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics outlines the values and principles that underpin everything we do and the responsibility our colleagues have in upholding these. We believe in the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Fundamental Conventions. We have zero tolerance to modern slavery and make our ethical values and principles clear to all.

Integrity is at our core and our zero tolerance extends to bribery and corruption, wherever and in whatever form that may be encountered.

To make the world safer and more secure, and to be trusted by our customers is at the heart of how we do business. It is our colleagues who bring this to life every single day.

We welcome people to NCC Group based on merit, suitability, and ability to uphold these values.

Our number one priority is the health, safety, and wellbeing of our colleagues regardless of where they are working – on a customer site, an NCC Group office or at home.

The impact we have on the environment around us is important too: we have a responsibility to ensure we play an active role in protecting the planet.

We have policies in place to support and guide us to ensure we protect and continually improve how we work.



The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for ensuring the code is applied, and the Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring all colleagues understand and comply.

Every single person acting on or behalf of NCC Group is responsible for living the values and principles outlined in the Policy, undertaking training to ensure they can meet our high standards outlined in the requirements and reporting any violations to their line manager or via the confidential whistleblowing helpline.


Risk assessment

Conformance with the Policy is assessed as part of our overall Risk Management process, and this Policy is implemented in conjunction with our governing global and regional policies and procedures.


Monitoring and review

The Chief Executive Officer oversees all investigations in relation to breaches of the code and our Chief People Officer is always available to colleagues to discuss any concerns.

We investigate any suspected breaches fairly and thoroughly. A breach of our code of ethics by a colleague may result in disciplinary action including asking them to leave the business. Any conflicts between our code of ethics and those of a customer, supplier or partner would be discussed and appropriate decisions taken to ensure we uphold our values.


Training and communication

The Code of Ethics is mandated to any person (permanent or interim) joining NCC Group and their understanding is assessed. The policy is available internally for all colleagues via our policy library as well as available externally in our Reporting Centre. Annual refresher training is conducted for all colleagues.

Each colleague has an individual record of training completed in our human resource management system – Workday, which enables us to report on and follow-up any non-completion (for colleagues who may be on long-term leave or on long-term off network customer assignments at the time of the training).