Optimising Talent for a Secure Digital Future

With ever advancing technologies and the subsequent developing threats, it’s critical that we invest in future skills through a culture of continuous learning to meet those challenges head on and help our clients to secure their digital assets.  

What it means to NCC Group 

We are a diverse global community of talented and creative individuals, working together and united by the same goal – to make the digital world safer and more secure. With our roots stretching back to the 1990s, we have a track record of being at the cutting edge of innovation.

Insight, innovation, and intelligence are the core elements of our DNA. This is what gives us a market position that no one else can match, and it's achieved through our investment in the critical skills needed to deliver for our clients. 

Our approach to talent development 

We create a culture of learning at NCC Group, which, depending on the role, will typically be a combination of on-the-job learning through line management support and skills-based mentoring, self-learning where colleagues have access to resources such as LinkedIn Learning, and formal training – for example supporting colleagues in gaining certifications relevant to their role, client requirements, or other personal development. 

It’s critical that we are agile in adapting to new challenges and continuous assessment of skills needed drives our talent development and attraction plans. 

Our progress

Our embedded performance management process plays an important role in supporting colleagues’ personal development opportunities, while providing role purpose and clarity. 

Career paths guide options and our commitment to internal mobility and the open approach to vacancies support our ambition to retain our talented teams and enhance careers within the Group. 

In FY23, 504 colleagues were promoted to more senior roles and 64 colleagues took up new roles within the organisation. Across our global operations, over 500 new colleagues joined NCC Group. 

We actively encourage mentorship within the organisation, with formal and informal agreements in place across the organisation. Our global delivery community are actively encouraged and supported by senior technical experts to their reports on our dedicated technical blog. This mentorship programme is critical not only for their development, but also plays an important role in the broader security community.  

We are in the process of developing our new management development programme which will ensure our managers have the right skills and behaviours to effectively lead their teams in the future. 

Developing the next generation of talent 

Since 2013, we’ve welcomed over 200 colleagues into our Next Generation Talent Programme, which has gained industry recognition including the 2017 Job Crowd Top 100 companies to work for in the “IT Development and Consulting” category. In 2022, we received over 700 applications for 40 places across our global operations. 

We are an industry partner with the UK Government’s CyberFirst scheme with representation on the advisory board and colleagues across the UK getting involved to support various activities in local schools. This also includes providing summer placements and bursaries to students going through the scheme. 

Our future and ambitions

By investing in our people, we will position ourselves as a market leader in cyber security, delivering effective solutions for our clients – always looking forward, using our insight, innovation and intelligence to meet the most complex of cyber security challenges head on. 

We will continue to contribute to the broader challenge- beyond individual client challenges- by engaging and collaborating with regulatory bodies, governments and industry organisations, participating in discussions on cyber security policy, and raising awareness of cyber threats. 

Sutainability Strategy Report

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