Developing Sustainable Solutions

Developing sustainable solutions goes beyond environmental conservation, economic stability, and social equity for a business like NCC Group. Cyber security enables future technology solutions that advance sustainable development. Understanding the evolving threat and implementing good governance and controls is essential to unlocking sustainable solutions and keeping the digitally connected world safer and more secure. 

It’s in our DNA

Our distinct edge – Insight, Innovation, and Intelligence

Embedded in our very DNA are three key pillars – insight, innovation and intelligence. This uniquely positions us in the market, ensuring that our designs and solutions are enduring and empower our clients to achieve their sustainability objectives.


Our global footprint spans thousands of clients across diverse sectors. By working closely with them and policymakers, industry think tanks, and governments, we gain firsthand knowledge of the immediate challenges and emerging pressures.

This equips us with a profound understanding of current dynamics and potential future trends. We incorporate this rich insight into every client interaction, ensuring tailored and timely solutions. 


Our commitment to innovation is propelled by a twofold approach: the pressing issues our clients encounter and the unwavering passion of our expert team.

We have a deep understanding of the risks our clients face and how security measures affect them. By doing so, we architect solutions that don’t just safeguard – they also foster growth, positioning cyber security as a value driver rather than a deterrent for our clients.


Building upon this insight, our intelligence experts are second to none. With real-time visibility into the cyber landscape, we discern emerging threats and identify targeted vulnerabilities. Who are our adversaries? What strategies do they employ? What’s their potential impact?

By answering these questions, we ensure that our guidance hones in on the most pertinent risks specific to the sector needs and operating environment of our clients.

Our progress

We are transforming our business to focus on developing and delivering cyber security and software escrow solutions that are adaptable to emerging technologies and ever-evolving threat landscape. The best way to demonstrate our progress is to share case studies of two pieces of work:

One highlighting how we enabled a biogas producer and distributor to rapidly scale and produce a greener alternative to fossil fuel gas.

The other recounts our efforts to provide expertise on digital transformation to enable local councils in the UK to embrace new connected and automated road technologies.

This brings to life our insight, intelligence, and innovation- understanding our client’s needs and how they use technology securely to create the solutions to fight climate change.

Our future ambition

Embracing sustainability in our solutions inspires innovation. By challenging conventional design methodologies, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and deliver unparalleled value to our clients, who are at the forefront of developing solutions that will protect the climate. In doing so, we look to secure sustainable practices but also ensure we build sustainable cyber security solutions.

Sustainability Strategy Report

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