Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that sustainable development is inextricably linked to the safety and security of the digital world. It is at the heart of our purpose and is why we support the United Nations 2030 vision and use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to guide us.

Supporting the global agenda

While the SDGs were primarily created for governments, they form an integral part of the UN’s 2030 vision, which also calls on businesses to harness their creativity and innovation in addressing global challenges. We know, through the work we do for our clients, that we can be a real catalyst for change. Not only does this alignment present significant business opportunities, but it’s also our responsibility to proactively make change happen.

We don’t just see the SDGs as a call to action, rather they are a lens through which we can understand and influence for change, and make a tangible, positive impact on society.

Our clients are embracing digital transformation, and we see the potential for each of the SDGs to be entwined as this develops, and therefore the important role we play in helping clients to do this safely and securely.

For example – smart cities empower communities by providing access to information and opportunities without exacerbating our environmental footprint. In health, digital platforms and tools are vital for remote care, diagnosis, and research. And in education, we’ve seen e-learning platforms breaking down barriers and making education, and access to knowledge accessible by all.

As society continues to rely on digital technologies, there is complexity and interdependencies in the supply chain, which increases the threat landscape. The connection between all these technologies, makes the task of securing these expansive networks even more crucial.

By making the digital world safer and more secure, working with our clients to understand how technology supports them to be more sustainable, we’re safeguarding futures, opportunities, and the core of a sustainably developed world.

Our alignment with the SDGs is both a strategic and moral choice. We will use our insight, innovation and intelligence to help pave the way for a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

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