Gender Pay Gap


We have been on a mission to create a more inclusive global organisation here at NCC Group. We recognise that the programmes and initiatives we have in place today (and want to create in the future) will take time to embed and have an impact on the demographics of our organisation.

Our approach to gender pay falls under this drive for fairness, equity, and transparency. While there is still much work to do, we can see year on year improvements.

We have created some initial pay bands in our UK Assurance business to bring greater clarity within job families and across jobs and roles of a similar size to ensure we can manage promotions, career growth and of course pay. Naturally, this helps us better understand any gender pay gaps, and is a first step in building regional and global consistency on pay policy.

In FY21 (1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021), 29 per cent of all hires globally (where gender was disclosed) were female, with an increase of 43.5 per cent of actual female hires compared to FY20.

Our sector is particularly challenging, and we have commenced several programmes to ensure the broadest candidate reach possible where we operate. We are seeking to partner with other organisations too - this is a societal and generational challenge and it’s one that we must work together with a range of stakeholders to address.

It’s important that we continue to engage in the conversation, to ensure that future candidates see how they can have a successful career at NCC Group. We place great value on conversation – using our Inclusion and Diversity engagement programme – NCC Conversations – to do this, which leads to further improvements on how we make NCC Group a great place to work for all. It enables us to attract diverse talent outside of our traditional catchment areas, and our junior careers programme is welcoming new colleagues from a range of non-traditional tech backgrounds in the UK, Europe, and North America.

We want to break open opportunities for all, and an important part of this is to ensure we are mindful of and committed to improving any gender pay gaps in our business.

While UK businesses are required to disclose Gender Pay Gap, we will in future be reporting our global position, to ensure we continue to drive improvements across our whole business.

We are confident that our commitment and investment to date has realised progress, albeit small, and is an important foundation for future progress.