Public Affairs

NCC Group’s mission is to make the world safer and more secure. We do that through our research, strategic threat intelligence and development of innovative solutions to improve our customers’ cyber and software resilience, now and in the future.

We don’t operate in a vacuum. Everywhere we have a presence, governments and regulatory authorities are making decisions that affect our customers and how we can best support them.

We have a responsibility to help shape a conducive political and regulatory operating environment that not only unlocks the growth potential for our shareholders, but that helps our customers to achieve their full potential too. Threats and risks to the technologies that underpin so much of our lives are real, and we can use our insights, knowledge and expertise to help educate decision-makers to improve cyber rules and regulations, so we all make the world safer and more secure.


Responsible stakeholder engagement

We have a dedicated Public Affairs department that reports to our Chief Technical Officer, working in collaboration with both Marketing and Corporate Affairs to ensure that our policy positions, views, and opinions are integral to our stakeholder engagement. Our Public Affairs Policy ensures responsible stakeholder engagement with a commitment to:

Engage with key decision-makers and influencers, and develop and maintain relationships across a broad spectrum, raising awareness of and educating on the challenges around cyber and the best path forward, to help make a positive impact on the resilience of our societies.

Stay on top of the political agenda, analyse announcements and decisions, work out how they affect us and our customers, and how best to respond.

Influence to shape the landscape, environment and markets we operate in by submitting evidence to consultations and inquiries, commenting on government initiatives and proposals, and running campaigns to achieve reform.



An example of how we are working to improve cyber security policies to materially improve the cyber resilience can be seen in our campaign to reform the UK’s Computer Misuse Act 1990.

As founding members of the CyberUp Campaign, we brought together peers from across the cyber security industry alongside trade associations, incubators, academics, and parliamentarians, all of whom believe that UK cyber-crime laws should not inadvertently criminalise the very same people seeking to keep the nation safe and secure.

CyberUp Campaign