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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Average CO2 emissions of our fleet

Greenhouse gas emissions

The greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting period is aligned with our financial reporting year running from 1 June to 31 May.

The reported figures in our latest annual report detail annual GHG emissions from activities for which NCC Group is directly responsible. Having considered the production metrics within the business, we have concluded that annual turnover is the most appropriate to achieve a benchmark, which aligns with the carbon reduction policy and methodology that we will work towards in FY22.

The methodology used to calculate total energy consumption and carbon emissions has been through the extraction of consumption data from invoices and meter reads for the financial years stated. Where data was not available, estimates have been calculated using historical profiles and details held on record by the Group’s Compliance department for audit purposes. Energy and fuel consumption has been expressed in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e), using 2019 DEFRA published conversion factors. Fuel for transportation has been converted using statistical data sets published by the UK Department of Transport.

Our overall energy and carbon report was produced by PEP Energy, an independent third party that analysed invoices from energy suppliers and data from expense systems to calculate the overall results.


Over the past year, we’ve had little use of our global office space due to pandemic restrictions and we’ve also reduced our office footprint so comparing like for like is not possible.

Our calculations do not consider the impact of our colleagues working from home and the increase of their domestic energy use or decrease of their commuting over the full year. We are continuing to seek expert advice on how this can be measured to enable us to truly reflect the CO2 emissions of our organisation as we continue to operate in a more flexible environment in the future.

In FY22 our aim is to reduce carbon intensity for the Group and, working with our key stakeholder groups, we will set out targets, which will minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

Due to the size and nature of NCC Group, an external environment audit is not required; however, we will continue to assess this as the Group grows in conjunction with any legislative developments.

Active Travel Routes

As part of our commitment to reducing the impact of our business in local communities we are keen to support colleagues to get involved in supporting active travel initiatives.

For example, colleagues living in the UK are eligible to purchase a bike and equipment up to £6,000 through the UK government’s organised salary sacrifice scheme.

Internally we are developing a local office information hub, which helps colleagues to understand how they can use public transport/green routes as well as other important information such as accessibility.