Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting period is aligned with our financial reporting year running from 1 June to 31 May.

The reported figures detail annual GHG emissions from activities for which NCC Group is directly responsible. Having considered the production metrics within the business, we have concluded that annual turnover is the most appropriate to achieve a benchmark, which aligns with the carbon reduction policy and methodology we will work towards in FY23.

The overall energy and carbon report was produced and verified by Planet Mark, an independent third party, that analysed the data from our energy suppliers and data from expense systems to calculate overall results.

The methodology used to calculate total energy consumption and carbon emissions has been through the extraction of consumption data from invoices and meter reads for the financial years stated.

Previously we have used estimates if data was not available, but this year, where there was only six months of data available from certain office locations, this has been extrapolated for gas and electricity usage. We have committed to improving the data collection process required from landlords where we have managed offices in FY23.


Reducing our impact

In FY23 we are working with Planet Mark to reduce our carbon footprint, engage our internal stakeholders and map the journey to achieving net zero by 2050.