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Our Values & Code of Ethics

Our Values

NCC Group is a distinctive place to work and our values help us to make decisions without the need to reach for a comprehensive instruction manual telling people what to do in every situation: 

We work together

No matter how brilliant an individual might be, they are no match for a team. Our best and most impactful work has always resulted from collaboration. We act in the best interests of the whole Group and we never miss an opportunity to help – each other and our customers. We exist to help keep our customers safe and secure – the better we understand our customers and their values the better we can help them thrive. So we work together closely with our customers too. 

We want to be brilliantly creative

We like to win. We are brilliantly creative – not pointlessly or stupidly or obstructively creative. We like to and are good at solving hard problems. We work hard but in our world, success doesn’t just come from hard work – it’s from looking at things differently and never being satisfied with the way things are. 

In being brilliantly creative – we need to work together – we expect collaboration, innovation and diversity… which brings us onto our third value… 

We embrace difference.

The ability to think in a different way (to, for example, how systems were intended to be used) is what leads to much cyber vulnerability and is the cornerstone of the security testing and risk world we do.  

So we work together, we are brilliantly creative and: 

  • We welcome and actively seek out diversity in our thinking and in our internal representation 
  • We seek constructive challenge as we gather information before making a decision 
  • And we want to keep NCC Group’s quirky and distinctive culture (unusual in an attractive and interesting way). 

Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics outlines the values and principles that underpin everything we do and the responsibility our colleagues have in upholding these.
We believe in the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Fundamental Conventions. We have zero tolerance to modern slavery and make our ethical values and principles clear to all.

Integrity is at our core and our zero tolerance extends to bribery and corruption, wherever and in whatever form that may be encountered.

To keep society safe and secure and to be trusted by our customers is at the heart of how we do business. It is our colleagues who bring this to life every single day.

We welcome people to NCC Group based on merit, suitability and ability to uphold these values.

Our number one priority is the health, safety and well-being of our colleagues regardless of where they are working – on a customer site, an NCC Group office or at home.

The impact we have on the environment around us is important too: we have a responsibility to ensure that we support protecting the future.

We have policies in place to support and guide us to ensure we protect and continually improve how we work.


Download our full code of ethics