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Our Sustainability

Our sustainability framework is focused on three areas – environment, social and governance and is designed to support our mission: to make the world safer and more secure. 

This framework is integral to how we do business and supports our strategic priorities: 

sustainability framework

We believe that NCC Group has a significant role to play due to the importance of technology in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And those Goals themselves, provide us a blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.  

The benefits of a clear, strategic and long-term approach to sustainability benefit both our business by strengthening our resilience and protecting our licence to operate via regulatory compliance, and our wider stakeholders including our people, our communities and broader society.  


From reducing our reliance on printing by adopting a digital-first policy for marketing and internal communications, we’re also looking at how we work in the future – what role remote working has – not only to increase opportunity for employment but also to enable our colleagues to balance the various priorities in their lives. And we’re looking at continuing to innovate not only in the services and solutions we offer but how we deliver that to our customers. 


We will continue to develop our cyber skills volunteer programmes, which give our colleagues the opportunity to give back to their local communities. We’re investing in our own mental wellbeing – from how we work to creating a network of trained Mental Health First Aiders. Our inclusion and diversity programme is empowering conversations across the Group, and identifying opportunities to continue to ensure our talent is representative of the whole of society to enable our mission to make the world safer and more secure. 


Our focus is very much on building long-term sustainable relationships, earning trust through meeting our customer’s needs and delivering the highest quality of services. Our Code of Ethics sets the standard we uphold ourselves to and we take pride in our approach. We consider the interest of all our stakeholders, including colleagues, when we make decisions on the Group’s future priorities and plans. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that underpin this framework are: