Stakeholder Engagement

We believe by understanding and meeting the needs of our stakeholders, we will secure long-term success. This is achieved through consistent and authentic engagement. Here are a few examples of the way we communicate and engage:



We are a people-led business, and our 1,800+ colleagues around the world each have a significant role to play in helping to make the world safer and more secure engaged through:

  • Global and local events – from CEO Live sessions, to networking events and technical/subject matter expertise events (while all virtual just now, we normally host both in person and virtual events due to way we work)
  • Pulse survey – global and local pulse surveys. Our last global survey in 2019 had a response rate of 80 per cent.
  • Colleague recognition – In 2020 we launched our first ever global awards programme - NCC Stars, celebrating teamwork, and NCC Diamonds celebrating individuals who bring our values and behaviours to life.
  • Communication: We use Dynamic Signal’s engagement application to share news from across the Group. Colleagues are also able to share approved content direct from the platform to their social media networks. The application is complemented with our Office 365 suite, which includes a colleague SharePoint knowledge hub, Teams channels, Stream and Yammer.



Using our research and knowledge, we develop solutions, which improve and enhance our customers’ cyber and software resilience engaged through:

  • Active account management and regular customer satisfaction surveys are undertaken so we can quickly act on feedback
  • Through our research we understand and quantify the risk with regard to the technology they use and the threats to the sectors and industries in which they operate. Through reports and tools we are able to keep our customers informed.



We are committed to engaging with our shareholders through continued sufficient and effective communication engaged through:

  • Regular investor meetings with the CEO and CFO
  • Investor roadshows after the full and half-year results
  • Chair meetings with investors on an annual basis
  • Open door policy with investors
  • AGM, and annual report
  • And dedicated investor section of our website.



We engage with several different suppliers across the Group and we engage through:

  • Clearly articulating expected standards through our Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Dedicated procurement function, which actively manages and monitors key suppliers and supply chain trends
  • Key supplier meetings
  • Supplier surveys embedded as part of the procurement process.



We have a diverse network, which is critical to the ongoing success of the business. This ranges from regulators and governments, to schools, universities, and academics, to other partners and our local communities. Engagement includes:

  • UK Computer Misuse Act reform campaign to ensure appropriate legal frameworks suitable for the 21st century
  • Responding to government consultations and parliamentary inquiries, and hosting politicians and civil servants to offer expert input into policy development and debate on matters of interest to our industry
  • Apprenticeship, graduate and work experience schemes, including support for the UK’s CyberFirst scheme and the NeuroCyber community
  • Strategic partnerships with and trusted advisor to the UK and Netherlands National Cyber Security Centres
  • Emerging relationships with the Australian National Cyber Security Centre.