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Our Commitments

We are a global business with colleagues in many different countries around the world. We work hard to be an inclusive workplace, where everyone is treated with respect. Discrimination and harassment due to skin colour or background is unacceptable and will not be tolerated here.

But saying it isn’t enough, and like many companies addressing the ongoing challenges with racial disparity, we are taking decisive actions to remove perceived or actual barriers to inclusion and diversity that exist within our organisation.

Steering Committee

Nadia Batool, Chair

Having previously sat on a number of diversity forums, Nadia believes strongly in fairness and wants to ensure NCC Group has transparent and open modalities in place to provide a supportive and enabling environment, no matter who you are.

Abhijeet Udas

Abhi is looking to create awareness around culture and traditions to celebrate differences and inspire a more inclusive and diverse NCC Group no matter what a person’s belief might be.

Titus Ajayi

Titus is committed to exploring how we can develop and maintain a diverse group of individuals at every level across the organisation.

Emily Griffin

Emily, who decided on a career in law specifically to make a difference, wants to learn, challenge views and make a point of having those important conversations within the workplace.

Matthew Braun

Matthew wants to help steer NCC Group in the right direction when it comes to our approach towards Race and Ethnicity across the Group.

Adam Abu-Jabal

Regardless of a person’s race or ethnicity, Adam aims to help contribute toward an environment where everyone is treated fairly and feels they can be themselves without fear of being judged or mocked.

Felicity Hanley

Felicity wants to normalise honest conversations about race and ethnicity to enable growth and is committed to helping dismantle racially nonconstructive policies, practices, behaviours and attitudes so that everyone can be their whole and authentic selves in the workplace and gain access to equal opportunities.

Daniel Datau

Daniel is committed to raise the level of awareness regarding inclusion and diversity at colleagues in key decision-making positions. Creating more inclusion and diversity should not be the responsibility of individuals speaking out. Achieving such goals requires policy and concrete actions together with transparency and accountability.