Our Commitments

We strive to create a working environment where neurodiversity is embraced. We value all colleagues equally and adjust as necessary to meet the personal needs of neurodiverse individuals.

The NCC Conversations series we’ve led has so far focused on both dyslexia and autism as a subcategory of neurodiversity, where the Steering Committee has been challenging taboos and taking a deeper dive into dyslexia and autism in the workplace through a range of activities including panel discussions, resources, tips for managers and a podcast on parenting an autistic child.

Most recently, we’ve invited Lexxic, a specialist consultancy championing and advising on neurodiversity in the workplace, to run an interactive workshop with colleagues to produce a neurodiversity smart roadmap with recommendations and actions based on any gaps identified in our business. This workshop builds on an earlier webinar that was hosted as part of our NCC Conversations series.

Neurodiverse individuals bring many strengths that not only need to be understood but further celebrated and valued. At NCC Group we are lucky to work with neurodiverse colleagues who bring many positive attributes to our workplace.