Our Commitments

We believe that a workplace in which colleagues feel safe and empowered regardless of their sexual and romantic orientation, and their gender identity enables everyone to perform at their best.

We are at the beginning of a long journey and committed to increasing our awareness and activity in this space to work towards creating an environment that provides inclusion for all underrepresented groups, ensuring their voices are heard. As the first colleague resource group in NCC Group, launched in 2019, we were delighted to be joined by the other groups to create a broader inclusion and diversity community.

In 2020/21, our LGBTQIA+ Steering Committee has helped colleagues explore sexual and gender identity in its many forms, taken a deeper dive into the importance of inclusion and hosted talks on topics including how language matters, asexuality, being transgender and transvestism, as well as providing content based on personal experience and informative articles.

Together we have utilised our social platforms to provide advice and support to parents of children who sit within the community, written to UK Members of Parliament to show our support against anti-trans bills, made pronoun badges available to colleagues across the globe and given guidance on adding pronouns onto email signatures.