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Our Commitments

We recognise that gender inequality affects everyone across all genders. We want to provide opportunities for every colleague across the Group to be involved in, to share experiences and to help set the vision for how we can work together to mould our future and creating a more gender inclusive and diverse workplace.  

We recognise that there is a gender imbalance not just within NCC Group, but within the cyber industry itself. We have made steps in some areas, through supporting initiatives such as CyberFirst Girls in the UK, but there is still a long journey towards true equality and diversity. 

NCC Group is committed to ensuring that equal opportunities are presented across the board. We will do this by; supporting those colleagues who may have felt marginalised until now due to a gender imbalance; constantly reviewing and improving our hiring process and examining the channels we use for talent attraction and recruitment; and, leading with an approach of inclusiveness and fairness to promote career progression.

Steering Committee

Natasha Gardner, Chair

Natasha wants to support and encourage positive change in the workplace in order to champion gender diversity and continue to drive NCC Group forward as an organisation that individuals are proud to work for.


Joanne Pease

Joanne strongly believes that women have a lot of value to bring to traditionally male-dominated industries such as cyber. She is keen to see more women in senior management roles throughout NCC Group, driving change and working towards a more diverse future in cyber.

Kai Kurihara

Kai recognises that gender equality isn’t necessarily a woman’s issue but a human one, he aims to increase awareness around gender norms and expectations and add diversity into each thought process.

Steph Clark

Steph aims to celebrate the differences the Group has to offer with a specific focus on the future of females within the business.


Amna Khan

Amna wants to find realistic technological solutions to overcome unconscious biases that contribute to gender disparities within the technology industry. She is determined to see an increasing number of women be able to pursue a career within technology.


Belle Kyriacou

Belle wants the same treatment and opportunities both inside and outside the workplace regardless of gender. Belle is excited to not only work with the Steering Committee to help attract women to a career in cyber security, but also help ensure men feel confident to speak up when it comes to their mental health.


Alice Felton

Bio coming soon


Sophia Cuthill

Bio coming soon


Jayne Bird

Bio coming soon