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Our FY22 environmental commitments

This is a priority area for us to focus on in this new financial year. Building on the new and successful ways of working created by the pandemic we will engage in conversation with our customers to explore how we can work together to reduce the impact on the environment through reducing non-essential travel.

As our office environments come back to life, we are investing in education programmes to reduce our physical impact – from flexible working and minimising printing, to increasing recycling. And we will continue to review our physical office requirements to ensure we only use what we need.

We’ll design solutions for the future, driving efficiency into our design and delivery building on the momentum created by the pandemic. For example, our Firebase appliance, which was developed by our consultants in 2018 was designed to enable remote security testing. Roll on a pandemic and that early prototype enabled us to reduce our travel impact by circa 500-600 thousand miles between 1 April 2020 and 31 May 2021.

We have partnered with Willis Towers Watson to develop our approach to identifying and assessing climate change risk, which will support the development of a robust strategy and enable reporting against the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in 2022.

How we will measure progress this financial year

  • Report against the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures
  • Measure our travel behaviour and understand the impact on the environment and how we can improve/offset, with an aim to reduce activity by 30% based on FY12 (our last full year of travel pre the pandemic) by:
    • Continuing to host routine meetings virtually where it makes sense to do so
    • Embracing flexibility, family friendly policies and remote working
    • Piloting a new pricing model in our UK Assurance business to help customers understand the environmental impact of onsite delivery versus remote delivery

And we started our commitment with a global virtual roadshow, connecting with colleagues all around the world to check in and involve colleagues in how we individual and collectively take action to protect the environment. And the conversation continues to help us take action, supported through our membership with Business in the Community and the UN Global Compact.

NCC Conversations: Taking action to protect the environment

As part of our ongoing NCC Conversations series, we’ve been exploring the topic of climate change and the role we, as NCC Group and individuals, must play in making a change now, to protect the environment for the future.

Our Global Director of Sustainability and Corporate Affairs, Yvonne Harley, went on a virtual roadshow, connecting with colleagues all around the world from her base in Scotland to check in and involve colleagues in how we can keep up with our commitment to prioritise our focus on the environment.

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